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Top NYC Restaurants of 2015 - Babu Ji

by Ryan Sutton - 12/10/2015

“Enter Austrailian import Babu Ji, whose self-serve beer fridge, casual vibe, and dashes of creativity... have generated epic waits for dinner."


The Hottest Restaurants In Manhattan Right Now - 08/06/2015

“...Babu Ji offers a menu of shareable Indian small plates and curries in a stylish dining room...”

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The 34 Best Dishes in the U.S. - Babu Ji Chef's Tasting Menu Curry Sampler

June 2016

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How to Have the Best Wine Year of Your Life

April 2016

“...Tasting menu used to mean expensive. Now it's become a relatively affordable way to explore the menu at casual places. At New York City's raucous Indian spot Babu Ji, chef Jessi Singh

offers a seven-course menu for $62 that might include this yogurt kebab-perfect with a semidry Riesling or a beer from the serve-yourself fridge.”


Is This Restaurant Really Worth the Wait?

By Claudine Ko - 01/2/2016

“New Yorkers are waiting an hour or more for Indian cuisine at Avenue B and East 11th Street, where Jennifer and Jessi Singh...are putting a fresh, modern and healthy spin on food..."


Tables for Two 

By Silvia Killingsworth - 01/11/2016

“...the supurb chef's menu, made up of street snacks followed by the day's selection of curries, which, on any given night, might include lamb, chicken, or a raw scallop, plus daal, rice and naan.”

New York Magazine & GRUBSTREET

The Best New Restaurants of 2015 - Babu Ji

by Adam Platt - 12/29/2015

"Jessi Singh and his jovial crew breath new life into the familiar curry-house template at this boisterous Alphabet City restaurant."


Restaurant Review - 2 Stars

by Adam Platt - 08/23/2015

"...One hearty star for the cheerful vibe and another for Singh’s elegant home-style cooking."


Grub Street's Restaurant Power Rankings - Babu Ji #2 - 08/28/2015

“Count Adam Platt among the (many) admirers of this Avenue B Indian spot. He gives the place two stars: "One hearty star for the cheerful vibe and another for Singh’s elegant home-style cooking..."

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New York City's Ten Best Restaurants of 2015 - Babu Ji #1

by Hillary Reinsberg 12/14/2015

“There's no restaurant we've talked about more in 2015 and that's because there's no place we've had a better time. The excellent modern Indian food is unlike anything else in New York and the restaurant's energy...make Babu Ji a place you want to come back to. And bring all your friends back to.”

The InfatuatioN

Restaurant Review - 8.8/10

by Hillary Reinsberg - 07/08/2015

“Every so often, you go someplace new, and you can’t wait to tell everyone you know about it...Today, that someplace is Babu Ji, an Avenue B restaurant serving Indian food and general happiness.”


Babu Ji in the East Village Asserts Its Authority 

by Ligaya Mishan 09/03/2015

“At Babu Ji, which opened in June, the menu is succinct rather than sprawling, the dining room a sleek diagram of black floors, white walls and gray tables, with pops of color from

Bollywood films flickering by the bar. A stuffed peacock guards a self-serve refrigerator stocked with craft beer.”


Ten Best Things We Ate in 2015 in NYC 

No. 9 Gol Gappa at Babu Ji

by Kelly Dobkin 12/08/2015

“The impossibly thin, crispy balls contain an irresistable mix of chutney and yogurt. Toss the whole think into your mouth and be prepared for a whole new take on snap, crackle pop."


Best Hidden Holiday Gems 

by Remington Guest - 12/2015

“I'm actually in love with Babu Ji. Definitely one of the best new restaurants for me. I think about their naan on a daily basis."


Restaurant Review - 4 Stars

by Christina Izzo - 08/18/2015

“’s the superb kulfi (Indian ice cream pop) that sums up Babu Ji’s intentions...Babu Ji is polished, but it’s not above playing with food."


Indian Street Food Finds Home in Alphabet City 

by Angela Chen - 06/26/2015

“...Babu Ji offers more than just curry..."

Epoch Times

Mayor of the Block: Babu Ji 

by Daksha Devnani - 03/09/2015

“...At Babu Ji, the flavors are authentic and the presentation is modern, with a focus on high quality...By the end of it we were still licking our spoons..."

NBC New York

Babu Ji's Cardamom, Pistachio & Honey Kulfi - 08/25/2015

“...this is one very special treat...”